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Sunset Crafts


A colorful logo with a stylized graphic of a sunset in an ocean made from many colored shapes/polygons. Read the rest of this page »



Superleaf is an all-natural, premium aloe vera beverage that offers a SUPER unique hydrating experience. Created with only the highest quality, finely sliced aloe vera gel, Superleaf delivers the many health benefits of aloe vera with a SUPER refreshing sensation. Companies official website address: http://www.drinksuperleaf.com/index.html Read the rest of this page »

Carp Clench

Logo for any type of carp fishing accessories store, blog, fishing competitions, fishing club, fishing game, restaurant or even a book. Logo has an antique, strong, powerful look. Logo’s main accent is the first letter of the name “C” combined with a carp jumping through it.

Pet Nest

Petnest Logo For Sale Cat Animal Care Safe Veterinary Shop Kitten

Logos main idea is a sleeping cat that has made a nest with his tale portraying care, safeness and help. Read the rest of this page »

Kitty Pic

Kitty Pic

Who doesn’t love cats right? And who doesn’t think that cats especially kittens don’t look super cute in pictures? At least I do.

This logo recently found a new home.